PARKPARK - Car Park Management Platform


Case Stories

PARKPARK has been running parking payment systems in Denmark since 2013 through a mobile app and in 2020, we added one of the most advanced platforms for Car Park Management to our portfolio og services.

Below you can find three case stories from Partner Companies using PARKPARK technology:

  • Gatwick Airport, who use a free flow system with PARKPARK and Simplyture.
  • City of Copenhagen (municipality), who use PARKPARK as a mobile parking-payment provider in the streets of Copenhagen.
  • Borgergade Parkering, who is a large operator of parking garages with and without ANPR free flow, and who use PARKPARK both to administer the car parks and as a payment provider.

Short Term Car Park Management

At Gatwick Airport almost 30.000 cars per day pass through the short term car parks, either to bring or to pick up travellers.

Gatwick Airport and NCP chose the PARKPARK technology and partner company Simplyture to manage the heavy load of traffic.

The chosen solution includes a barrier free set-up with free flow and automatic number plate reading, combined with three customer journeys: prepay, autopay and postpay.

The PARKPARK platform allows operator NCP to handle the three payment options, get reports and statistic and handle customers enquiries effectively. 

PARKPARK is a mobile payment provider for on-street parking in the City of Copenhagen

Since 2013, residents and visitors in Copenhagen have been able to pay their on-street parking in the City of Copenhagen through the PARKPARK mobile app for iOS and Android.

PARKPARK was one of the first mobile payment systems in the world, and the technology was originally designed for this purpose. Today, residents and visitors can pay with PARKPARK across all of Denmark on both public parking spaces and in privately held parking garages.

The many different operators which PARKPARK work with all have different requirements, which PARKPARK obviously meets, and hence the PARKPARK Car Park Management platform, is one of the most advanced in the world.

ANPR, autopay, prepay, dynamic pricing, free periods, white lists, communication via Push Messages, SMS & eMails, PSD II compliant payment processes etc., are just some of the features handled by PARKPARK.


Borgergade Parking Garages is a large operator of exclusive parking garages in the center of Copenhagen.

They have chosen a free flow solution where PARKPARK technology is combined with Simplyture's ANPR reading.

Thus they have a fleksible platform for parking management with online realtime statistics, reporting, customers service insights, etc.